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•BARN/GAME ROOM: This facility is under 24-hour surveillance. Anyone damaging machines or the facility will be banned from this area. This building is climate controlled so keep the doors, shades, and windows shut. 

BATH HOUSES: We ask that all showers be kept to a 5-minute run time. This will ensure that no one is waiting an extended period of time. Please do not waste water and help keep these facilities clean.


•BOAT LANDING & DOCKS: Landing and public docks are free to use; however, boats cannot be tied to our docks overnight or during high winds. Damage will be at camper's expense.

•BOAT PARKING: All boats need to be parked in the boat parking lot or back lot. They are not allowed at sites.

•FIREWORKS AND FIREARMS: Not allowed. No exceptions.

FISH CLEANING: All fish cleanings should be put in the 5 gallon pails provided. Use the lids for the pails when done. Clean up the facility and working area after you are finished. 

GARBAGE & RECYCLING: Dumpsters are located near the picnic shelter. We ask that you separate recyclables (glass, aluminum, plastic, tin, and cardboard) and put them in the recycling shed which is near the dumpsters.

•GOLF CARTS/ATVs: Not allowed. 

•LAUNDRY: Coin operated machines are located in the barn. Please remove lint from each dryer before starting the cycle. Do not overload the washers.

•MINI GOLF: 18-hole mini-golf course rates are $3.50 if camping; $5.00 if visiting. Please come to office for equipment.

•NO SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in any of our indoor facilities. 

•OFFICE/STORE: Weekend Office Hours are 8:00am to 10:00pm. We sell wood, ice, milk, live bait, miscellaneous camping supplies, and souvenirs. 

PARKING: All vehicles must have a registered pass.

PETS: Must be kept on a short leash and not left unattended. Waste must be immediately cleaned up by owner. 

QUIET HOURS: 10:00pm to 8:00am. No loud noises or disturbances during these times.

•SEASONAL SITES: Each site is to have a neat appearance. Modifications to any site must be approved. Camper mats are not to be used on grass locations more than 2 nights in a row.

•SHUFFLEBOARD: You break it you buy it rule. Equipment available in the office. 

SPEED LIMIT: 10mph throughout the park. There are numerous speed bumps throughout the property. 

•SWIM AREA: No life guard on duty. Please watch your children carefully. Glass is banned in this area.

•WEATHER: Radio stations 106.1 FM KJOE, and 105.1 FM KARL carry weather info. In case of a tornado or severe thunderstorm, you can go to any bathroom facility or into the office basement for your protection.

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